Saturday, January 30, 2010

The New Yorker

I'm part of this fantastic show in Detroit called FUNNY (not funny) where you can see the original of the above drawing, here's the press release:

FUNNY (not funny)

Recent Comic Art Exhibiting Signs of Black Humor

Curated by Ryan Standfest

January 22 – February 26, 2010

Reception: Friday, January 22nd, 6 – 9pm

The University of Michigan Work : Detroit Gallery

3663 Woodward / Suite 150

Detroit, MI 48230

The "FUNNY (not funny)" exhibition seeks to elicit uncomfortable laughter in the realm of black humor-- a place where the serious and the taboo are fodder for comic provocation. Artists in numerous media have long sought to overturn convention and challenge what is funny with what is not as a means of producing humor out of the unlikeliest of situations. Work by the twenty artists that will be on view in “FUNNY (not funny)”, demonstrates that cartooning is keeping the tradition of black humor alive and flourishing. The very form of the comics page itself is as relevant a vehicle as ever, freed from so many of the commercial restrictions placed on other art forms, to effectively deliver potent images and narratives that carry with them a very immediate and accurate measure of the absurdity of our age. A catalog of the exhibition is forthcoming.

Check out the mindbending list of contributors:

Participating Artists:

Ivan Brunetti

Chris Cilla

Sue Coe

Lisa Hanawalt

Glenn Head

Tim Hensley

Ian Huebert

Ben Katchor

Michael Kupperman


Daniel Maw

Taylor McKimens

Travis Millard

Tom Neely

Mark Newgarden

David Paleo

Jonathon Rosen

David Sandlin

Rob Sato

Jon Vermilyea

you can see more photos of the show here