Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Favorite Joke

I like this character so much that i'm constantly tempted to draw a 500 pages book about him, but i always realize that a million pages pages wouldn't never do better by him that this one single panel. Sometimes Less is Morbid.

The original of this drawing sold at the Funny (Not Funny) show along with the one i posted here, (ask about my originals, i'm cheap!) it was a great show, and now you can buy the catalog, softcover, 56 pages, full color, 8.5 x 8.5 inches, includes an essay on Black Humor and statements by all the artists, here's the complete list: Ivan Brunetti, Chris Cilla, Sue Coe, Lisa Hanawalt, Glenn Head, Tim Hensley, Ian Huebert, Ben Katchor, Michael Kupperman, Mats!?, Daniel Maw, Taylor McKimens, Travis Millard, Tom Neely, Mark Newgarden, Jonathon Rosen, David Sandlin, Rob Sato and Jon Vermilyea, all the artwork was shot directly from the originals so you get to see every gritty detail -like the glued on text on the drawing above- highly recommended.

$14.95 + shipping, you can get it at the webstore of Editor/Curator/Art Powerhouse Ryan Standfest here, or search for it on Amazon & eBay.