Sunday, January 30, 2011

Temple of the King

These two drawings appear in Heh Head Corpuscorpus #3 edited by Paul Nudd and Scott Wolniak, here's the info taken from the Quimby's page (where you can also go to order it!)

Holy Smokes! In conjunction with Western Exhibition's art show "Heads on Poles" comes a star-studded "Heads on Poles" themed issue of Corpuscorpus. The bulk of the envelope is a drawing zine of funny, bizarre and festering heads- artists include David Shrigley, David Sandlin, Mike Diana, Lilli Carre, John Hankiewicz, Chris Cilla, Andy Burkholder, Jim Trainor, Kristin Romaniszak, Chris Kerr, Ryan Standfest, Jean-Louis Costes, David Paleo, Max Morris, Edith Sloat and Sophie Greenstalk. The cover is a three-layer silkscreen by Keith Herzik, 16 of the interior pages are one- or two-color silkscreen prints as well. The package ALSO includes three loose prints by Onsmith, Lilli Carre, and Anne Van Der Linden (Onsmith's and Lilli's are signed and numbered). Curated by Scott Wolniak and the always-visceral Paul Nudd, it's a gorey, ballsy, tender bruise of an art zine package. Does it cost a million dollars? No fool, it's a steal at twenty bucks. -EF

28p, b&w with silkscreen color throughout, 8.5"x8.5", limited edition of 100, includes 3 silkscreened loose prints


Alejandro said...

¿Son estos solos o estos dos son parte de una serie de más dibujos?
Mas que nada porque estaba interesado en saber como seguía el proceso de descomposición de este pobre hombre. Sería: 1º gusanos, 2º cuervos… y después qué?

Paleo said...

Despues se acabo el papel, todos vamos a terminar asi.

Gus Nielsen said...

Necesito tus ilustraciones para el lunes. Vaya y mire sus mails o le mando a la señorita de sexto.

Sid Clark said...

The ultimate result of the mind-body split.